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Prof. Dr. Rainer Haller




Farewell Message


Dear Participant of ISH 2015,

First of all, we would like to thank you indeed for the kind support and contributions you have made to the XIX. International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering 2015 which had been held in Pilsen, Czech Republic. It could have never been successful without your active participation.

Almost 580 registered participants from 39 countries attended the ISH 2015. May we assume, that the traditional ideas of ISH for both the dissemination and deepening of knowledge concerning High Voltage Engineering between experts from universities, research institutes and relevant industries as well as providing a platform for presenting of latest scientific results for young researchers are working well.

We hope you found the XIX. ISH fruitful and rewarding as well as enjoyable one.
We wish you all the best and every success in your professional and research activities

and look forward to meeting you again in Buenos Aires in 2017.

Sincerely yours

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Haller

Chairman of the Organizing Committee ISH 2015


Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following subjects of high voltage equipment and engineering:

  • Electromagnetic fields
    computation, measurements, environmental effects
  • Transient voltages
    lightning, switching, repetitive impulses, surge
    arrester, insulation coordination, overvoltage
  • High voltage and high current testing techniques
    test procedure, evaluation
  • Advanced materials and insulation systems
    outdoor, indoor, solid, liquid and gas insulated,
  • Diagnostics and monitoring
    partial discharges, evaluation procedures, knowledge
    rules, data mining, applications and asset management
  • HVDC technologies and applications
    design problems, testing and measuring techniques

Call for papers


National Scientific Committee

  • Benesova, Z
  • Haller, R.
  • Mentlik, V.
  • Kovarik, M.
  • Muhr, M.
  • Tlusty, J.
  • Toman, P.
  • Vostracky, Z.

Organizing Committee

  • Benesova, Z.
  • Haller, R. (chairman)
  • Jirickova, J.
  • Kotlan, V.
  • Kropik, P.
  • Martinek, P.
  • Muhr, M.
  • Müllerova, E.
  • Peroutka, Z.
  • Pihera, J. (secretary)
  • Polansky, R.
  • Prosr, P.
  • Rericha, T.
  • Soucek, J.
  • Sroubova, L.
  • Trnka, P.
  • Tupa, J.

International Steering Committee

  • Babuder, M. (Slovenia)
  • Guan, Z. (China)
  • Gockenbach, E. (Germany)
  • Kärner, H. (Germany)
  • Kawamura, T. (Japan)
  • Koo, J. Y. (Chairman, Korea)
  • Mosch, W. (Germany)
  • Muhr, M. (Austria)
  • Nagabhushana,G.R. (India)
  • Reynders, J. (South Africa)
  • Rizk, F. (Canada)
  • Smit, J. (The Netherlands)
  • Waldron, M. (United Kingdom) - CIGRE
  • Waters, R. (United Kingdom)
  • Zingales, G. (Italy)



International Reviewing Committee

  • Marco Túlio Alves Êvo,
  • Maks Babuder,
  • Zdenka Benesova,
  • Abderrahmane Beroual,
  • Albert Claudi,
  • Irina Davidenko,
  • Ricardo R.Diaz,
  • Ivo Doležel,
  • Marek Florkowski,
  • Issouf Fofana,
  • Christian M.Franck,
  • Jitka Fuhr,
  • Ernst Gockenbach, 
  • Stanislaw Gubanski,
  • Abderrahmane Haddad,
  • Michael Hartje,
  • Wolfgang Hauschild,
  • Volker Hinrichsen,
  • Frank Jenau,
  • Pavel Karban,
  • Josef Kindersberger,
  • Iraida Kolcunová,
  • Stefan Kornhuber,
  • Vaclav Kotlan,


  • Michael Kurrat,
  • Shengtao Li,  
  • Yi Li,
  • George R S Lira,
  • Michael Muhr,
  • Eva Müllerova,
  • Bucur Novac,
  • Hitoshi Okubo,
  • Stephan Pack,
  • Alberto Pigini,
  • Radek Polansky,
  • Vladimir Rakov,
  • Uwe Riechert,  
  • Uwe Schichler,
  • Jens Martin Seifert,
  • Yao Sili,
  • Joachim Speck,
  • Pavel Trnka,
  • Zhongdong Wang,
  • Ronald Thomas Waters,
  • Christian Weindl,
  • Peter Werle,
  • Rudolf Woschitz.


Title 19th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering – ISH 2015
Date August 23 – 28, 2015
Location Pilsen, Czech Republic
Venue Parkhotel Pilsen
Official Language English
Official Website





















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